Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is typically the first line of defence against theft from retail stores as it is typically situated at the entrance of the premises. Products are fixed with tags which will activate an alarm on the EAS tagging gates if they haven't been removed or deactivated at the checkout.


Dual-Stream can provide AM and RF pedestals is depending on the specific requirements of customer.


Systems can be provided in wide aisle, narrow aisle, and single pedestal configurations in order to provide the right solution for a variety of entrances, pedestals can be fully transparent, or supplied with a bespoke customer logo or advertising sleeve to maximise branding opportunities.


Equally, for complete discretion and minimum disruption to store aesthetics, an AM loop system can be provided using a complex underfloor array, providing a discreet RF & AM antenna solution to enable free flowing entrances to stores, whilst still providing all the benefits of a traditional EAS system.


With a range of technologies available including RF, AM, RFID and Foil Bag Detection, the systems can also be used in conjunction with your CCTV System to gain video footage of any activation.




RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that enables specific items to be tracked and traced through the reading of data contained on an RFID chip. In retail, it can be used to provide item level information without the need for line of sight reading, making it an ideal technology for inventory management and loss prevention.


Some of the major benefits to retail include...


    Faster, more accurate receipt of stock at DC & Stores

    More frequent, cheaper inventory counts

    Faster shelf replenishment

    Reduction in Out of Stock issues

    Faster reaction to shrink issues by knowing what is stolen at all times throughout the supply chain

    Improved returns process, both for fraud prevention and stock intake

    Uplift in sales

    Reduce nil picks in e-commerce

    Improved customer experience




Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)